Tweets From SXSW 1989

Posted by mcorcoran on March 10, 2012

By Michael Corcoran

  1. “The registration line was insane. That’s 20 minutes of my life I won’t get back.”
  1. “Some band just handed me an album. Haven’t they heard of cassettes?”
  1. “Do you know where Saturday’s day party is?”
  1. “Austin learned its lesson from the Armadillo. No way they’re tearing down Liberty Lunch for an office building.”
  1. “I’m in such a hurry I’m gonna have to grab lunch from a food trailer. Where’s the nearest construction site?”
  1. “We can either see Mojo Nixon tonight for free or pay $50 to see him next year at the Erwin Center.”
  1. “Tacos for breakfast? Sounds crazy, but they have them in Austin. And they put limes in their bottles of Corona beer.”
  1. “Let’s just take a cab to Salt Lick. How much could it be?”
  1. “So, besides the Austin Music Awards, what else are you excited about this week?”
  1. “They used to be a punk band, but now they play roots music. With punk energy.”
  1. “Listen, I paid $20 for this wristband and I WILL get in to see Scruffy the Cat.”
  1. “To give it more of an international  flavor, SXSW needs to book more Cajun acts.”
  1. “I’m not sure, but I think the Spin party is either in room 1703 or 1307.”
  1.  “This party’s  supposed to be music industry only, but I’m pretty sure those three guys work at Thundercloud.”
  1. “Don’t be paranoid. You think SXSW is so threatened by our little party they’re going to notify the fire marshal?”
  1. “Holy crap, that’s Peter Zaremba!”
  1. “SXSW is a good idea, but they’re going to need to rely on the revenue from the Austin Chronicle to survive.”
  1. “One day this thing might be bigger than Aquafest. OK, I’m wasted.”
  2. “If you’re cool you call it ‘Southby’.”
  3. “I heard they were going to have a hip-hop act this year, but couldn’t find a corporate sponsor.
  4. “They need to get someone hip, with an opinion, to keynote.  Someone like Michelle Shocked.”
  5.  “Wow, I just gave my business card to music industry bigwig Jim Fouratt!”
  6. “Got an idea for our anti-SXSW party. Besides doing a play on ‘SXSW,’ we put ‘We don’t need no stinking badges’ at the bottom of the flyer.”
  7. “OK, we’ve got this cool party space on SoCo. What should we do in the storefront? A gallery for outsider art? Really?”
  8. “Notice how all the blues greats are either white or ancient? Excuse me, I’ve gotta congratulate new papa, Gary Clark Sr.”
  9. “Let’s share a room at the San Jose. Not to save money, but to take turns standing guard.”




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  1. I do not miss So by So What even a little. Last year for me was 1999 and it seemed out of control and maddening then. Cannot imagine now and am glad I don’t have to go or want to go.

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