Michael Corcoran
P.O. Box 313
Smithville, TX 78957

Email: yikescrawford@gmail.com

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  1. Elizabeth Moore said

    I am trying to find information on a big band that played in Austin during the late ’40s. I don’t know much about it except that Jay Leutwyler was in it, along with my dad, Charles Weaver, who played trumpet. They played at Dessau Hall. Any info you could provide would be sincerely appreciated! Thanks much.

  2. I would dearly like to get hold of the emails of Rupert Neve and his staff (Chriss Rees and Phil Butler) that conducted the Cambridge Radio Course. I attended it in 1976 from South Africa and later did my doctorate with that course information as foundation tot many of the work I did. Regards, Flip Loots

  3. Ginger Magers said

    I am not on Facebook anymore but there is something called Waltz Across Texas and the bus takes people to different dsnce halls. Do you know the phone number for this activity?

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