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  1. Elizabeth Moore said

    I am trying to find information on a big band that played in Austin during the late ’40s. I don’t know much about it except that Jay Leutwyler was in it, along with my dad, Charles Weaver, who played trumpet. They played at Dessau Hall. Any info you could provide would be sincerely appreciated! Thanks much.

  2. I would dearly like to get hold of the emails of Rupert Neve and his staff (Chriss Rees and Phil Butler) that conducted the Cambridge Radio Course. I attended it in 1976 from South Africa and later did my doctorate with that course information as foundation tot many of the work I did. Regards, Flip Loots

  3. Norma McLemore said

    Well really, Michael, if you’re going to put a phone number on your website, you ought to answer the phone.

    I came across you quite by accident. I was trying to research something about Vidor, Texas, and your piece on Vidor was among the Google options. Too bad for Texas Monthly. In any event, a few years later (1993), Vidor was a more timely topic, and given that I grew up there (home stadium advantage combined with the Cisneros integration of the Vidor housing project that year), I’m the one who got published in the magazine. But I’d like to talk with you. If the contact number is still yours, please answer the phone. Or if you have caller ID, please call me.


  4. Ginger Magers said

    I am not on Facebook anymore but there is something called Waltz Across Texas and the bus takes people to different dsnce halls. Do you know the phone number for this activity?

  5. Roger said

    Thank you sir for the beautiful contribution to the CNN story this date.

  6. I had a change of heart about the music portraits you suggested for your book. you can use any one of them. it’s all about promoting Austin musicians which has also always been my intent. you’re providing another vehicle of exposure.

  7. Mike Hill said

    How do I search your website for Bobby Doyle ?

  8. del wieding said

    Thank you for caring. There is so much out there in our histories, amazing vital stories filled with life.It would seem so easy to bring them into the public, but is a struggle against the flatness of forgetting and the arrogance we, and it, will be forever. Then it is gone. Thank you for gathering up a bit of it, it is gold.

  9. Jim McDaniel said

    Just found this site when looking for stories about Conjunto nights at the Split Rail. Read the article about Greatest Clubs, but I could’ve sworn that the original Antones was several blocks further east than “across the street from the Driskill”. I think it was past the old La Palapa bar.

    I’ll never forget Clifton Chenier lying on a cot while playing at the Antones on Guadalupe because he had been so sick

  10. Lori D Parker said

    I am trying to find any information on an old beer joint in north austin. It was called Hi Ho Inn. and was located just north of Coxville zoo right around where Parmer lane is presently.

  11. Gary McKee said

    Wondering if you will include the vibrant Texas Polka Scene in your upcoming book? I am the editor of the Texas Polka News, which just celebrated its 30th year of publication. As a music historian I have supplied information resulting in state historical markers being erected for Adolph Hofner, and Joe Patek is supposedly at the foundry. Also markers for historic venues for the Sunken Gardens and Legion Park in Shiner.
    gary e. mckee fayette county, Texas.

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