Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ghostland: Rage With the Machine

AAS 2010 Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner , who make up the Austin dance rock duo Ghostland Observatory, are as different as a live wire and a solid state circuit, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. The gregarious, pigtail-wearing Behrens, 28, is a natural entertainer who’s been performing in public since he lip-synced and danced […]

Deb Pastor talk about the passion

By Michael Corcoran If you lived in Austin in the ‘80s, you know Debbie Pastor. Hot Amazon blonde on roller skates at Club Foot. Resident of the future stars flophouse on San Gabriel, where the Replacements, members of Faith No More and other acts crashed and R.E.M. came to party. The “House of Many Women” […]

Sarah at 17

April 16, 2009 by Michael Corcoran The two producers had been hunkered down in a Nashville studio all weekend, tweaking an album that mixes bluegrass virtuosity with airy country pop vocals. “Let’s call it a day,” producer Gary Paczosa said one Sunday evening. “We’ll pick it up tomorrow.” But producing partner Sarah Jarosz, whose debut […]

Song of the Fathers

by Michael Corcoran for AAS 2014 Ray Wylie Hubbard made his debut on “The Late Show With David Letterman” in January 2014 by singing the story of a notorious Dallas rock club with an underage girl at the door checking IDs. Weaving through the lyrics of “Mother Blues” is a tantalizing guitar and its continued […]

The Allure of Austin Virginity

Living in Austin is like sex in that what happened in the past has only sentimental value, which when it comes to sex is no value. Who would you rather be, the old guy hunched over his cereal who used to do Victoria Principal or the insufferable hipster in the trucker hat who goes home to that hot barista, the one without the tattoos?