Monday, June 17, 2024

SXSW 2001: The Throng Remains the Same

Welcome to Groundhog Week, where every day is exactly the same as it’s been the past few years. Oh, it may look a bit different as you stroll around downtown Beirut, but everything else is unchanged as we head into another campaign that Jon Dee Graham has dubbed “the festival of false hope.” Even the […]

Behind the curtain: SXSW 1995

DMN 3/95 by Michael Corcoran   Two years ago, it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But now every new band wants to be Soundgarden. At least that’s what it sounds like in the smoky back office of the South By Southwest Music and Media Conference on anunseasonably warm mid-January afternoon. Music festival director Brent […]

SXSW Stories: 1988 Coyotes in the Wild

Kevin Russell has played SXSW promiscuously, as a member of the Gourds and now Shinyribs. But you never forget your first time. Russell played the second SXSW in 1988 with his punk/ new wave band Picket Line Coyotes. They were from Shreveport and SXSW’s then-booker Louis Meyers managed a band (Killer Bees) whose members were […]