Monday, June 17, 2024

Sportslines from the mind of Red Corcoran

Most of these nuggets are from the Statesman’s “Game On” column circa 2004-2006 * The Horns gave up 400 yards of offense and trailed 36-2 after two quarters. Mrs. John Wayne Gacy had a better half. The Horns DBs couldn’t cover “Louie Louie.” * Offensive coordinator Greg Davis is so overcautious he checks his tire […]


VINCE YOUNG AND THE LONGHORNS’ REDEMPTION SONG This story was published two weeks before Vince Young led the first group of African-Americans to win a consensus national championship for the Texas Longhorns in Jan. 2006. Before the Big 12 championship Dec. 3 in Houston, some sports pundits were quick to remind fans that Texas had […]

Lovie Smith: the star of Big Sandy

Originally published in 2006. by Michael Corcoran BIG SANDY. Nakia Derrick couldn’t believe what he was seeing on his TV one afternoon a couple of months ago. The lifelong resident of this one-stoplight East Texas town 100 miles east of Dallas was watching ESPN when his faded yellow mobile home appeared on the screen. He […]

Roots of the Roller Derby Revival

Here’s where roller derby is today. Originally published in 2007, here’s how the revival started in Austin 12 years ago: There are about 300 female roller derby leagues worldwide, from the Aberdeen Aces in Scotland to the West Texas Roller Dollz, who drew a crowd of 2,000 to their inaugural bout in Lubbock. The racy […]

Another Texas football honor for Johnny Manziel

Who’s the greatest Texas football player of Middle Eastern descent? According to the reference book “Syrian and Lebanese Texans,” which I read today at the Austin History Center, that distinction goes to former Texas Longhorn running back Chris Gilbert (’66-’68), whose mother was Lebanese. But since that book was published in 1974, it’s not exactly […]