Monday, April 15, 2024

Idaho Stories 1965-1971

The most unracist white people in America grew up on military bases, where blacks and whites have lived next door to each other, gone to school together, and swam in the same pools since Harry Truman desegregated the military in 1948. There’s no unemployment in the military, so the street corners are empty. Everyone has […]

The Best Real Dive in Texas

By Michael Corcoran An authentic dive bar doesn’t call itself that; it just is. So, when you see a new watering hole advertised as a lowdown “dive,” it’s most likely targeting young adults who read Charles Bukowski on Kindle. But where are the regulars who claim their barstools daily with territorial zeal? A real dive […]

Nanny Dearest

I told y’all a couple months ago about the time an on-the-clock dancer from the Yellow Rose babysat my three-year-old son. Well, on the 7-hour drive from Marfa, I remembered quite a few more details of that night in ’97 or ’98. To refresh: Don King, who managed the Yellow Rose, invited me to cover […]