Sunday, July 21, 2024

1997: The Year of Chris Rock

Bill Hicks, Andy Kaufman and Sam Kinison are dead. Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy might as well be, as many chuckles as they’ve inspired in recent years. Then there are all those once-promising comics like Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne, Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Allen, Brett Butler and Paul Reiser who’ve sold […]

Power Trip: Heroin

The N-word and the C-word are the two most dangerous terms in the English language. Steady at No. 3 is “heroin,” which won’t get you punched, but might kill ya. As today’s rebel youth are embracing the deadly drug, you wonder why they choose to ride this roller coaster without seat belts. The easy explanation […]

Austin Inside/Out

Remember when I had Old Austin’s good ear from 1998-2000? I tried to make my three-dot column in the Statesman fun, but some of the bigwigs in town just wanted to see their names in bold type and didn’t care for the sarcasm. My editors got tired of the phone calls, but I think it’s […]

The Best Real Dive in Texas

By Michael Corcoran An authentic dive bar doesn’t call itself that; it just is. So, when you see a new watering hole advertised as a lowdown “dive,” it’s most likely targeting young adults who read Charles Bukowski on Kindle. But where are the regulars who claim their barstools daily with territorial zeal? A real dive […]

Sportslines from the mind of Red Corcoran

Most of these nuggets are from the Statesman’s “Game On” column circa 2004-2006 * The Horns gave up 400 yards of offense and trailed 36-2 after two quarters. Mrs. John Wayne Gacy had a better half. The Horns DBs couldn’t cover “Louie Louie.” * Offensive coordinator Greg Davis is so overcautious he checks his tire […]

Michael Corcoran’s LAWN

I TRY PRINCE’S 5X HOT CHICKEN AND… DOWN GOES FRAYZHUH! DOWN GOES FRAYZHUH! You ever wake up in Kentucky and wish you were home? Then, outside is not a taxi to take you to the airport, but a Nissan Altima with three weeks of funk and a shriveled wardrobe in the trunk. Yesterday was supposed […]