Tuesday, May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “Charles Stagg house (abandoned) Vidor, TX

  1. Just went there the one time. I was in Beaumont doing a story on an artist for Texas Highways. That’s when I heard about Charles Stagg and got good directions.

  2. I know that im the one that brought him all his wood i see , the picture shows the 2x12s and the green room was his favorite, kept his art he is world known for as well in that community of art, made 6 and 12 even thousand on each of them he said.
    JANNA, i need to speak to his daughter and i dont know how to get in touch with her. He build that can one with pouring from a seperate bucket of brick mortar real soupy about 1/8 to a 1/4 some half full but its 3 cans wide and has a gutter around the outside that goes to where the cook, saunna and hot water by fire heater system too was.
    the room with wooden star and has burns is the room where that fire shot up like 200 feet in a tornado and was absolutley the coolest thing ever but just before that room is where we would sit and shoot , as his days as a professor in the subject of philosophy , theory and stuff and just about how he built that place and im a guy that builds homes or anything really, and i ialways went there but im not the ones that had been there then let his his dog out to get run over stealing from him. That was the room past the star room and down the little tunnel originally for the goats but his girl lab made it hers and he was torn up about that. The thing in driveway outside the main part was his firepit and he loved the weed he grew and i liked his company. Put those walkboards free of charge there for him! 409-932-7491

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