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East Austin Clubs in 1957

Photo by Neal Douglass Austin American Statesman. Oct. 7, 1957. Club unknown.
Photo by Neal Douglass Austin American Statesman. Oct. 7, 1957. Club unknown.

Last week, I wrote this story about Charlie’s Playhouse. Which led to my discovery of photos by Neal Douglass of a female impersonators’ show at an unnamed East Austin bar. Today, I went to the Austin History Center and went through a city directory for 1957. Here are all the bars I could find in the black part of East Austin.

Blue Moon Bar  1902 E. 7th St.

Babalu Club  1618 ½ E. 6th St.

Barton’s Tavern  1900 E. 12th St.

Club Capree  1810 Chicon St.

Cobra Club  2321 E. 7th St.

Ellen’s Tavern  1626 Rosewood Ave.

Flamingo Club (Charlie’s Playhouse)  1201 Chicon St.

Harlem Novelty Bar  1010 Lydia St.

Harvey’s Place  1710  E. 1st. St.

The Hub  2200 E. 7th St.

J.C. Bar  1906 E. 7th St.

J.R. Club  2006 E. 7th St.

James Tavern  1133 E. 11th St.

Lecol Club  2136 E. 7th St.

Lillian’s Place  2142 E. 7th St.singer55

Lo Jo’s  1407 E. 6th St.

M&B Club  2206 Webberville Rd.

Mackey’s Tavern  1618 Rosewood Ave.

Pearl’s Bar  1512 E. 6th St.

Raven Club  2148 E. 7th St.

Scoot Inn  1308 E. 4th St.

Senate Tavern  1811 E. 6th St.

Shallow Box Club  2310 Webberville Rd.

Silver Slipper  1627 Rosewood Ave.

Sport Bar  1200 E. 6th St.

Tasby’s Tavern  1922 E. 6th St.

V&V Club  1112 E. 11th St.

White Swan  1906 E. 12th St.

Wide Awake Club  1518 Rosewood Ave.

Your Place 1400 E. 12th St.

I found a few new interesting details about Charlie’s Playhouse. Owner Charlie Gildon, as he was known, was actually named Ernest Gildon. Perhaps Charlie’s sounded cooler for a nightclub. Now it makes sense why he named his afterhours joint Ernie’s Chicken Shack.

Also, Charlie’s Playhouse was originally located at 1201 Chicon St. After Gildon bought the Sho Bar from Tony Von in ’57, he moved the Playhouse there. The Flamingo Club moved into the old Charlie’s location.


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  1. i played music with curtis carter who owned a record store in 70s on east 12 th street, the club the glass door was next to it. i am searching for anyone that knows about these places and people. i have no pics of that time . i was a white 19 year old kid fresh from the woods of se texas and would give anything to reconnect with people from that time.

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