Friday, April 19, 2024

Where to watch Longhorns season opener

It’s not their fault. That’s what The Longhorn Network seems to be saying by hosting a big, free, UT football watch party at Republic Square Park for the Texas vs. Wyoming season opener Saturday. Kickoff is 7 p.m. LHN will repeat the favor for next week’s slaughter of New Mexico. Republic Square is at 4th and Guadalupe Streets.

The games will be shown on an 8’ tall x 18’ wide LED video wall in the park. Not as good as my living room, but what are you gonna do when the tightwads at Time Warner and Uverse won’t pay a few quarters a month per customer. On the bright side, where else but the LHN can former mob informants get a job in broadcasting?


Choose your hell. Here’s where else you can watch the home opener:

Posse East 2900 Duval

The Tavern 922 W.12th Street

The Ranch 710 A West 6th Street

Trudy’s 409 W 30th Street

TailGatorz 2828 Rio Grande

El Chile Café 1917 Manor Rd

Abels on The Lake 3825 Lake Austin Blvd Suite 203

Nomad Bar 1211 Corona Dr

Waterloo Ice House 1106 W 38th St

 Boomerang’s 3110 Guadalupe Street #150

 Jax 2828 Rio Grande

Double Dave’s 3000 Duval Street

Jalapeno Joe’s 3211 Red River

EZ’s Restaurant 3918 N Lamar Blvd



One thought on “Where to watch Longhorns season opener

  1. Time Warner and Uverse might have something to say about their side of why they’re not carrying LHN…like it running only lame creampuff games no one really cares that much about. Can you say “lack of market demand”? I love UT football but even I can’t get that excited about watching these early — as you say — “slaughters”.

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