Sunday, July 21, 2024

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life and it started with a Lebanese up my ass. Let me explain. (Oh, please do.)

My true friend Suzee Brooks came by at 5:30 a.m. to take me to my colonoscopy/ endoscopy with Dr. Rashad Debaghi, whose probably my favorite doctor ever, having probably saved my life in 2003 by extracting a piece of food lodged in my esospagus after Brackenridge E.R. had mistakenly treated me for food poisoning the night before.

I was back home at the RV by 10 a.m. and these things happened. 1) Flamingo Automotive called me with a quote of $200 to fix an overheating problem on the CRV, which the first place I took it to said would cost $995 to fix (red flag on that amount- just say a thousand.) 2). I finished the first draft on a magazine cover story that I thought I’d be pulling heavy weekend duty on. 3) My brother, a sheriff’s deputy in Blanco County, came through for me big time on a transportation and housing issue I don’t really want to go in detail on. 4) I got a big check in the mail. 5) I raised the rent on my house in Smithville and the family living there graciously accepted. 6) The wonderful Carper Family were playing an unexpected free show two blocks away.  7) I ran into my old friend Alejandro Escovedo and his lovely girlfriend Miss Melvis and we went to Flipnotics to watch brave new songwriters play an open mike. 8) I came home to Bernie Taupin talking about my book on Arizona Dranes and playing her music on his Sirius/ XM radio show.

I couldn’t have been more stressed out Wednesday, worrying about money, my car, work, where I was going to live… but Thursday came to show me that my friends, my family, my job and life itself are things to be cherished.

Now my biggest worry is where to watch the Iowa State game tomorrow.

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  1. Totally kick-ass Thursday indeed, Michael! I’m so very glad all is well, inside and out, so to speak…

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